On Ketamine & Added Value 
Illustrated zine version of an essay by Dena Yago.

30 Ways Of Seeing
Exploration in abstraction, all images were made with a xerox printer
+ copper etchings from one initial photograph. 

Sardine Gallery
Proposed identity for an art gallery in NYC. 
A single variable typeface is used for maximum flexibility + consistency.

Directed + shot the music video for NYC artist Quiet Luke’s track “Interference”.
Shot on 16mm film & MiniDV. 

Identity & campaigns for a conceptual company selling affordable versions of Donald Judd’s furniture designs.
The slogan is derived from Judd’s essay “It’s Hard To Find A Good Lamp”.

Various posters & ideas. 


Artwork Design for “Pretend” by Jude, Art Direction for “Touch XXX” by Phebe Starr.

Neural Net Collages
Made with a GAN image processor + various source photos, post processing in Photoshop.

“3 Bedrooms & A View” 
Generative installation, using public security camera feeds & algorithmically generated music.
Created while studying at Hunter College.

Selected Photographs
35mm & 120 Film, 2015-2019